Does American Airlines Offer Senior Citizen Discounts?

American Airlines senior citizen discount

Yes, American Airlines offers discounts for the senior citizens of the country. With American Airlines senior citizen discount, people who have turned 65 are provided flight trips with a specific discounted fare. So, don’t worry about the budget if you want to travel around at this age. AA takes care of you and your budget.

Since the airline makes sure to offer special services to its different types of passengers, the seniors are well considered. And this discount is the perfect example of the same. So, if you don’t want  to spend a fortune on your flight trips, look up to American Airlines and its slashed flight ticket prices.

Let’s learn more about this discount that is making traveling for them easier in the account that follows.

Is Senior Citizen Discount Available on American Airlines?

Yes, American Airlines has made traveling affordable for senior citizens with flight fares on discount. With this feature in its services, AA has facilitated the seniors to travel anywhere without burning a hole in their pockets. However, they must check the age and other eligibility criteria to avail this discount.

Do you want to make a senior citizen discount booking with AA? Call +1-844-203-0326 now for prompt booking assistance.

What is the American Airlines Policy for Senior Citizen Discount?

To have a better idea about the AA discount offered for its seniors, go through its well-devised policy. The policy highlights are –

  • While booking a ticket with the discount, the traveler must be 65 years old.
  • Senior discount is available only on select international destinations.
  • The discount is not applicable for American Eagle flights or American Connection flights.
  • An age proof is required at the time of booking with the discount.
  • The senior citizen discount is available only on American Airlines official website.
  • Discount is provided only if it is available for the selected flight.
  • AA doesn’t give this discount to any other passenger traveling with the senior on the same booking.

How to Get the American Airlines Senior Discount?

Do you have to visit your grandkids or travel to explore a new destination? Whatever your travel reason is, AA has given freedom to seniors with the discount on its flight fares. So, let’s see how to book tickets with a senior discount.

Online Method

  • Open the AA official website.
  • Choose the option of Advanced Search.
  • From the dropdown menu, select the option of Senior Citizen Discount.
  • Search for flights.
  • The flight list displays ticket prices for seniors.
  • Select the most suitable option.
  • Follow the prompts to proceed.
  • Your discount will be applied at the final checkout.
  • Confirm your booking and pay the amount.

Offline Method

You can also book your American Airlines tickets with a senior discount for 2024 through a phone call to the airline’s customer service representative.

For more information, dial +1-844-203-0326 and get connected to a customer service representative.

How Much Discount Does American Airlines Offer to Seniors?

The discount amount for seniors that AA offers depends on its availability, routes, and flights. Mostly, the discount that they get on total flight ticket prices is 10% to 15%. However, it is not fixed. For exact airfare discounts for seniors that you can get, contact the airline’s customer service executives.

What are Other Benefits that AA Offers to Senior Citizens?

American Airlines understands that after the ripe age of 65, travelers might have some challenges, be it physical or cognitive. That’s why, it offers added services to facilitate a hassle-free trip to its senior travelers. Here are some of those –

  • Travelers with mobility issues can get wheelchair assistance.
  • Those who have visual or hearing challenges should inform a staff person at the airport or in the flight. Thereby, AA ensures that you are attended to well.
  • If you need help or more time to board the flight, go for early boarding. Request for the same at the gate agent.
  • A portable oxygen concentrator (POC) assistance is also provided, if required. Inform about it at the gate agent when you reach to catch your flight.
  • You can also get special seating arranged as per your requirement. This can be for extra space while flying or getting usable ones at your convenience. Pick seats while booking or contact the reservations team to get the needful done.

In Conclusion

Are you having travel plans after your retirement? Fulfill those with American Airlines senior citizen discount to fly at slashed fares. Moreover, the terms and conditions for this discount are customer-friendly so that you can reap the maximum from this thoughtful service of AA. So, you need not worry about your pocket when AA’s discount for seniors is there. It’s time to live your travel dreams and that too much within your budget! Thanks to the discounts that American Airlines provides for the seniors of the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find senior citizens discounts with American Airlines?

You can find flight ticket prices for senior citizens at the Advanced Search feature on its website.

Does American Airlines Offer Senior Citizen Discounts?
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