American Airlines Cancellation Policy 2024

American airlines cancellation policy

You were looking forward to boarding your American Airlines flight, but an emergency came up. Now, you are worried as you have to cancel your booking. But when you are flying with American Airlines, you need not worry. Thanks to the American Airlines Cancellation Policy that is customer-friendly.

The policy helps you cancel your booking and increases your chances to get a refund. Now let’s go through the account that follows and grab more information about canceling your AA flight booking.

What is The American Airlines Cancellation Policy?

If you are in a situation when you might have to cancel your AA ticket, its cancelation policy will help you. AA cancellation policy varies as per the ticket type. So, let’s look at American Airlines flight cancellation policy highlights here –

Refundable Tickets

You get a full refund on a refundable ticket. Refunds are in the original payment form.

Non-refundable Tickets

Although these tickets don’t get a refund, AA offers a travel credit for future ticket bookings. However, you have to pay the fare difference and change fees for the new booking.

Basic Economy Tickets

These tickets are non-changeable and non-refundable.

Does American Airlines Have a 24-hour Cancellation Policy?

Yes, American Airlines has a 24-hour cancellation policy that means you must cancel your booking up to 24 hours after you buy your tickets to get a refund. However, your scheduled flight must take off after at least 2 days from the booking.

The policy is applicable to all ticket types and AA doesn’t charge you any cancellation fees in this case. Make sure to cancel your reservation to raise a refund request.

Please note

Reservations booked as part of a group block are not eligible for the 24-hour refund.

What Happens When American Airlines Cancels Your Flight?

American Airlines always aims to arrive and take-off on time. However, there are various events, such as weather disruptions, that impact flight schedules. That’s why flights are delayed and even canceled.

So, as per the American Airlines cancellation policy, the airline covers up for your time and helps you if you missed your connection. Here’s how –

  • AA will rebook the next available flight for you.
  • The airline automatically reroutes your bags at your new flight check-in.

How to View Your New AA Booking?

You can check your new trip or select another flight in any of the following ways –

  • Open the American app
  • View or change your trip on
  • Use a kiosk at the airport

How to Cancel an American Airlines Booking?

Do you have to cancel your tickets booked for an AA flight? Here are the simple ways to call off your reservation. So, find the online and offline approaches to cancel your booking.

However before you proceed with the cancellation process, check your ticket type. The ticket category determines the cost of cancellation. As per the American Airlines fare class, you can cancel your trip and get a refund.

Now, let’s begin with the cancellation methods.

Online Flight Cancellation Method

  • Visit the American Airlines official website.
  • Click on Your Trips/Check-in tab.
  • Enter your flight confirmation code.
  • Follow the prompts to find your flight booking.
  • Select the trip you have to cancel.
  • Hit on the Cancel button.
  • The prompt will ask you to confirm the cancellation.
  • Click on the Confirm button.

The airline sends you a cancellation confirmation email.

Please note

  • Check if you have to pay any cancellation charges. Otherwise, the airline will refund you with the balance of the ticket value as travel credit on non-refundable tickets.
  • If you have a refundable ticket, American Airlines allows free cancellation and also refunds to your original payment mode.

Offline Flight Cancellation Method

To cancel your AA ticket offline, simply call the customer service representative of the airlines.

  • Listen to and follow the IVR prompts.
  • When a live executive is connected, convey your cancellation requirement.
  • Share your booking details with the executive.

The representative will cancel your booking.

What is the American Airlines Cancellation Fee?

If you cancel your tickets in the risk-free window, no cancellation charges are there, irrespective of the ticket type. After canceling your trip after this risk-free period, your fare type decides your fee.

Let’s see how much you have to pay as per American Airlines ticket cancellation policy for different ticket types.

Ticket Types Cancellation Fees
Non-Refundable Tickets
  • International flights – $750
  • Domestic flights –  $200
Award Tickets
  • For first award –  $150
  • For every additional reward – $25

Please note

The American Airlines cancellation charges might be subject to change. Contact the airline’s customer service team to know the updated cancellation fees.

How to Get the American Airlines Refund?

AA understands that you don’t cancel your confirmed booking on a happy note. There is a valid reason that causes you to call off your booking. That’s why the airline makes sure to cover you with a refund to the maximum possible extent.

So, if you have canceled your ticket in light of the AA flight cancellation policy, you are eligible to get a refund. Here’s how you can apply for it –

Refund Request for Tickets Purchased with Cash

  • Visit the refund page of AA’s official website.
  • Choose from the options –
    • Request a refund
    • Check the status of a pending refund
  • Enter the ticket number and the traveler’s last name for a refund request.
  • The refund department will suggest options as per your eligibility.

Refund Request for Flights Booked With Miles

For cancellation of award flights booked with miles before the departure of the first flight, you get the miles back. For more information, get in touch with the AA customer service representative.

In Conclusion

To wrap it up, American Airlines Cancellation Policy is customer-friendly and flexible. It is carefully devised so that you are not at loss after canceling your booking. Moreover you get options to change or rebook your trip if there is the need to cancel your ticket.

So, make sure that you are through with cancellation terms and conditions before calling off your reservations. Also, you must abide by the conditions set before raising a refund request for your canceled trip.

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American Airlines Cancellation Policy 2024
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