American Airlines Seat Selection Policy

American Airlines Seat Selection Policy

Are you flying on an American Airlines flight? With booking, make sure to choose seats for assured comfort and convenience. Moreover, the American Airlines Seat Selection approach helps you pick seats onboard.

You have pay for the seats if choosing in advance. However, AAdvantage members get complimentary seats. Now, let’s go through the following piece of writing to know more about selecting seats with the airline and traveling comfortably with you travel companions.

What is The American Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

Before you pick your preferred seats on an AA flight, it is good to know about the policy devised for it. The policy is customer-friendly and helps you pick your seats as per the set rules. Here are the highlights of the American Airline Seat Selection policy.

  • Your seat selection is not free.
  • The cost of choosing a seat is decided by your destination and travel class.
  • If you have to cancel the seats selected, the airline requires you to pay cancellation charges.
  • You can also choose seats when checking in to your flight.
  • You can have free seat assignments on American Airlines at check-in if you haven’t already purchased your preferred ones. The airline assigns you seats before boarding if none are available at check-in.

For further assistance, get in touch with customer service representatives of the airline.

How Can I Check American Airlines Seat Availability?

If you are looking forward to picking seats of your choice when traveling on an AA flight, here are the simple steps to follow. With Seat Selection on American Airlines, you can travel at your comfort.

  • Login into the official website of American Airlines.
  • Select your cabin class and route.
  • Go through the seat layout.
  • Select a seat.
  • Enter the details required.
  • Complete the payment.

To know more about the seat availability, contact a customer service executive of the airline.

How to Select and Book Seats With American Airlines?

Now you are through with the seat selection policy and the way to check its availability. Now, let’s see how you can proceed with AA Seat Selection and book your preferred seats with the airline. You can count on online and offline methods to get seats of your choice on the airline. Let’s look into each one by one.

Online Method

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines.
  • Search for a suitable flight.
  • Enter the details in the fields required.
  • Pick your preferred seat from the seat map.
  • Pay for the seat to book it.

Offline Method

If the online seat selection doesn’t work for you somehow, you can go for an offline method, which is via call. Here’s how –

  • Dial 800-433-7300.
  • Carefully listen to the IVR and follow the prompts.
  • Once you get connected with a representative, convey your seat selection requirement.
  • They will ask you about your American Airlines booking details.
  • If seats are available as per your preference, they will book it for you.
  • Make the payment for it.

What is American Airlines Seat Selection Cost?

When you have your tickets booked with an AA flight, you might want to get seats of your choice for enhanced comfort and convenience. However, you have to pay an amount for this. It is noteworthy that seat selection charges are according to your ticket type and the destination you are traveling to.

Your American Airlines Seat Selection Fee ranges from $9 to $10 each way for economy. To know more about it, visit AA’s official website or call its customer service executive.

Can I Avoid Paying Seat Selection Fees?

If you are selecting seats on AA, you can’t skip the cost on it. Only  AAdvantage members are exempted from paying the fees on their preferred seat. However, it depends on their membership status.

To skip paying the American Airlines seat selection cost, wait for the airline to assign it to you for free at check-in. This will be an automatic seat assignment and doesn’t assure that you will sit with your travel companions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are preferred seats on AA?

Seats having more legroom & space in the main cabin are the preferred ones. Pay extra for favorite seats. AA frequent flyers and Elite status members get complimentary seats.

How much does American Airlines cost for seat selection?

Your seat type & destination determine your AA seat selection cost. An economy middle seat starts at $9 . Fee increases for aisle, window, & extra legroom seats.

How can I change my American Airlines seats for free?

Change seats selected within 24 hours of booking for free.

American Airlines Seat Selection Policy
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