Guide to American Airlines Name Change Policy

American Airlines Name Change Policy

An Overview of American Airlines Name Change Policy

When booking your tickets, there are times when you might mention your name erroneously. This results in tickets having incorrect names. Also, you might have to change your name because of legal formalities or some other reasons. Here comes, American Airlines name change policy that helps you modify your name on its ticket.

As the airline understands that misspelling your name while booking happens. Travelers also might need to change their names. That’s why, AA has devised such a smart policy, considering your requirements. And it helps you to make corrections or modifications to your AA ticket names. To know more, go through this account.

 What is the American Airlines Name Change Policy?

If you need to change your name on your American Airlines flight ticket, follow the set terms and conditions for it. To give you an overview of American Airlines name change policy, here are its highlights.

  • The airline allows you to change only your name on its ticket. You can’t change the name on a ticket so as to mention anyone else on it.
  • Name change is also required when you get married or divorced. In such cases, AA allows your last name change. However, when making such a modification in the name, provide valid documents to the airline.
  • Minor and major name corrections are allowed on AA flight tickets that are unused. However, to avail of this facility, you must have a TSA pre Global Entry, NEXUS or SENTRI card. Make sure that the name submitted for correction doesn’t match exactly with any other name.

Types of Name Corrections

Minor Name Corrections

Flights of American Airlines and American Eagle allow you to correct your name on ticket for minor issues. This correction is allowed on the same PNR.

Major Name Corrections
  • Itineraries on “R” inventory must comply with the major name correction rules.
  • A new PNR is required for major name corrections on either of the following –
    • The “R” Inventory tickets
    • AA/Oneworld codeshares
    • Non-Oneworld carriers
  • A name change fee or correction charges are required. However, these vary as per domestic and international flights.
  • When flying with American Airlines, you can easily make your last name correction up to 3 characters or fewer for correction as per the policy devised for it.
  • You can add a second last name.

Please note

  • For wholly unused tickets, AA offers flexibility for major and minor name corrections.
  • Call American Airlines customer service live person for any assistance. You can also dial +1-844-203-0326 for prompt response and assistance.

How to Change a Name on an American Airlines Ticket?

You have made the booking but then you realized that you need to change your name. This might be because of any of the reasons as mentioned above. However, you need not worry as American Airline allows you to go ahead with your name change on its ticket even after you are done with the booking.

You can change your name online or offline, as preferred. Let’s see both the methods one by one.

Online Name Change

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines.
  • Click on My Trips.
  • Enter your Booking details in the required fields.
  • Proceed to the Find my reservation section.
  • Go through your American Airlines booking.
  • Select the Change Name or Edit option.
  • Pay the amount with your preferred payment mode.
  • You might have to pay the name change fees, if required.

After making an American Airline name change, you will get your new AA ticket number.

Other online ways to change a name are –
  • Chatting with live representatives
  • Emailing your request to the airline
  • Connecting through its social media platforms
  • Send a text to AA

Offline Name Change

  • Call the customer service representative of the airline.
  • Follow the IVR prompts.
  • Once a live executive gets connected, request a name change.
  • Send the related documents to proceed with your request.
  • The representative will change or correct your name on the American Airlines ticket.

Alternatively, you can change/correct your name at the airport at the self service kiosk.

How to Make a Name Correction on AA?

While making an American Airlines booking, you have misspelled your name on the ticket and completed it. Now what? How can you correct your name? Let’s find out.

  • Go to the official AA website.
  • Login with your Passenger Name Record (PNR).
  • Modify the departure information.
  • Call the American Airlines customer service representative.
  • Request the corrections to be made.

How Much is American Airlines Name Change Fees?

Usually, AA allows free name changes to its booking. However, you must pay an American Airlines name change fee of $25 as free name change is only once. To change it again or major modifications or corrections, this fee is applicable.

Please Note

The fee varies for domestic and international flights. It ranges from $200 to $700.

Changing  Name on American Airlines Ticket After Marriage

  • If you are traveling for your honeymoon, request for a new passport with your changed name 12 months before your wedding date.
  • Provide your driving license or passport when traveling as TSA doesn’t accept marriage certificate as an ID.
  • For bookings made with name changed after marriage, your ticket can expedite the passport process at a regional passport center in a day.
  • If you have booked your tickets with your maiden name, your marriage certificate is issued within 2 weeks post wedding. So, you can fly with your married name.

In Conclusion

Therefore, you can easily make modifications to your name on an AA ticket, thanks to American Airlines name change policy that allows you flexibility. It is customer-friendly so that you can correct or change your name after making the booking, if required. So, if you have entered an incorrect spelling or your name or have to change it because of various reasons, count on this convenient policy of AA and proceed with your travel plans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to change names on American Airlines?

Usually, it takes 24 hours to reflect your changed or corrected name on an AA ticket. However, it might vary. So contact its customer service representative.

How many days before an American Airlines flight can you change the name?

You must inform the AA representatives to change or correct your name on your ticket at least 24 hours before your scheduled flight departure. Make sure to contact the AA’s executive for updated information.

Guide to American Airlines Name Change Policy
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