American Airlines Pregnancy Policy

American Airlines Pregnancy Policy

Fly at Ease while Pregnant with American Airlines Pregnancy Policy

Pregnancy brings the most blissful and happiest phase of your life. You follow precautions and take good care of yourself. But what if you have to travel when pregnant? Here comes the American Airlines Pregnancy Policy that covers you with its rules and guidelines. The policy is created in the best interest of pregnant women. That’s why when you take an AA trip during the time when you are expecting a baby, stay stress-free. So, if a situation comes up when you have to fly during pregnancy, choose American Airlines. To know more how this policy helps you and other details that make your air trip a pleasurable experience, go through this account.

What is The American Airlines Pregnancy Policy?

When you have to fly during your pregnancy, count on the policy that AA has designed for mothers to be. The policy has taken the requirements of expecting mothers into consideration as well as their health condition.

So, here are the American Airline Pregnancy Policy highlights –

Domestic Flights

  • AA doesn’t allow you domestic trips under 5 hours, if –
    • Your delivery is due within 7 days or
    • You have given birth within a week

However, if you must travel within this time frame, it is mandatory to –

  • Provide your physician’s approval for travel.
  • Get a passenger medical form, duly filled by your doctor before your flight’s departure.

International or Over Water Trips

To travel with American Airlines during pregnancy, its policy requires you to follow a few international trip rules. Take a glance at the rules here –

  • Obtain a  special assistance coordinator’s clearance.
  • Moreover, provide your doctor’s approval if you are within 4 weeks of your delivery date. It should mention that you have been examined within the last 48 hours and can fly now.
  • If you are traveling 7 days before or after your delivery, provide your doctor’s filled medical form.

How Many Weeks Pregnant Can You Fly Internationally with American Airlines?

To know when can you fly pregnant, scroll down –

  • You can’t fly with AA on its domestic flights under 5 hours within 7 days (before and after) your delivery date.
  • For women traveling within 4 weeks of their due date, a doctor’s certificate that states your recent checkup and fitness is mandatory.

Does American Airlines Allow Pregnant Women to Pre-Board?

Yes, pregnant passengers can get pre-boarding on American Airlines flights. After checking in, inform the agent at the gate about your pregnancy before the boarding starts.

Apart from pre-boarding, AA provides services to its pregnant travelers such as –

  • Tilting seats
  • Wider aisles
  • Easier access to business class

These add-ons make your journey more comfortable and pleasurable.

How Long Does AA Allow Pregnant Women to Fly With it?

If you are wondering, can I fly pregnant on American Airlines flights, the following points will help you –

  • 37 weeks is the limit for a normal pregnancy till the 9th month begins. This is in consideration to the fact that some women can get into the delivery phase anytime.
  • For women expecting twins, 32 weeks is the limit. Follow your doctor’s advice, take care of your health, and fly at ease.
Please note

Call an American Airlines customer service representative at +1-844-203-0326 to get more information on the time frame when pregnant women can travel.

Does American Airlines Have Any Pregnancy Travel Restrictions?

When pregnant women have to travel with AA, they have to follow the restrictions and guidelines mentioned below –

  • Wear comfortable clothes and footwear.
  • Pack healthy food items to satiate your cravings. Carry your own water for the journey.
  • Avoid food items that induce gas or bloating before boarding a flight.
  • Walk every 2 hours on long-haul flights.
  • Choose a seat with ample leg space for comfort.
  • Pick an aisle seat so that you can easily go to the washroom.

With the above tips, you can fly comfortably and safely during your pregnancy. So, stick to these guidelines along with following the airline’s pregnancy policy. And you will enjoy your trip.

In Conclusion

So, American Airlines Pregnancy Policy makes your flight trip an experience to cherish. You can travel worry-free with the airline, thanks to its policy that takes expecting women into consideration. That’s why, when you board an AA flight, relax and enjoy your trip. And why not? With the customer-friendly pregnancy policy, American Airlines especially caters to the moms-to-be. It’s time to travel at ease, thanks to AA that keeps comfort and convenience of pregnant ladies at the forefront.

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American Airlines Pregnancy Policy
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