American Airlines Missed Flight Policy

American Airlines Missed Flight

Have you missed your AA flight? Don’t worry. With flexible American Airlines Missed Flight policy, you are covered. Its standby and other features help you reach your destination at the earliest possible even if you couldn’t catch your flight on time.

Moreover, for booking the next flight, the airline doesn’t charge you anything. So, you are at a bundle of benefits with AA if you were unable to board your flight within the timeframe set. Furthermore, the airline also compensates you or rebooks a flight if there was a delay on its behalf. Isn’t it great? Get more information about it, in the account that follows.

What is American Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

Did you miss your flight with AA, despite trying to make it on time? No worries. You have American Airlines missed flight policy for your reference. Here, go through its highlights –

  • The airline adjusts the passengers on stand by who reach the airport within 2 hours of their scheduled flight’s departure. They will be given tickets for the next flight at no extra charges.
  • You can’t be on standby after checking bags. However, AAdvantage elite status holders can get this benefit.
  • A flight missed by a short window of 15 minutes enables you to get in touch with an American Airlines representative at the airport. And you can rebook the next flight instantly without any extra cost. The same booking code as the previous one can be used.
  • If you reach the airport so late that you can’t even check-in or you have missed a flight on American Airlines by a few minutes, the airline provides you the next flight.

How to Rebook a Missed AA flight?

You have missed your flight and found out that you can’t get on a standby. Now what? Simple, you can book another flight for your trip.

Here are the quick steps to rebook a flight on the airline.

  • Visit the official website or mobile app of American Airlines.
  • Enter your details like travel dates and destinations, boarding place, and number of travelers.
  • Hit the Search button.
  • You will be redirected to a page showing several flights.
  • To rebook an AA missed flight, select a suitable flight from the list.
  • Enter the passenger’s details.
  • Select the mode of payment.
  • Make the payment.

You will get the airline’s rebooking confirmation email.

To know more, get in touch with an American Airlines customer service live person at +1-844 203 0326.

Do I Have to Pay a Penalty for Missing an AA Flight?

After you couldn’t catch your flight on time, you might want to know what happens if I miss my flight or is there any penalty that AA charges you with? So, to proceed accordingly, take a look at the points mentioned below –

  • The 15-minute rebooking policy of the airline will help you if you missed your flight for more than 3 hours delay.
  • If the flight delay caused you inconvenience, AA compensates you with  $700.
  • As per international or domestic flights, the compensation charges vary.
  • For canceling a domestic flight, AA charges you $75.
  • You have to pay $500 for canceling an international flight.
  • With American Airlines, you are not charged with a missed flight fee usually. However, no-shows are not provided a refund.

Please note

Prices are subject to change.

Can I Get a Refund for a Missed AA Flight?

Yes, American Airlines provides you with a refund on missing your flight. However, it depends on different circumstances. Let’s go through those –

  • Get in touch with the customer service team of the airline within 24 hours of missing a flight. State the valid reason for not being able to catch your flight on time. Thereafter, you can get a refund for an AA missed flight once you are found eligible.
  • The airline will compensate you with the amount in your account through which you have paid to make the booking.
  • Although, no-show doesn’t get you refunds. However, in certain situations, AA refunds you even on a no-show.
  • If the no-show was because of a medical or any other emergency with serious reasons, American Airlines considers you for a refund.

In Conclusion

To wrap it up, if you somehow can’t catch your AA flight on time, you need not worry. The airline has devised a customer-friendly American Airlines missed flight policy that helps you proceed accordingly. And save yourself from any uncomfortable situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a connecting flight because of an AA flight delay?

In such a case, request the airline to rebook your flight or a refund against the flight delay.

How much compensation does American Airlines provide for a missed flight?

If the airline finds your reason to be valid, you can get a missed flight refund up to 75% of your total ticket amount.

American Airlines Missed Flight Policy
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