Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Deals – Fly Cheap, Save Big

The fall is here and Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Time to be with your loved ones for celebrations is knocking. Everyone will be making Thanksgiving holiday travel bookings and flying to join their family and friends or go for vacations.

However, are you looking forward to grabbing some Thanksgiving travel deals? You are at the correct place. There are several airlines that offer exciting deals and great discounts during the holiday season. So, you can travel cheap and book right away.

Plan your trip and set off for winter holidays with Thanksgiving flight deals. It’s time to strike off the much-desired destination from your bucket list. To know more about traveling cheap and for the best this Thanksgiving, go through the following account.

When is Thanksgiving Day 2023?

Celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving day 2023 falls on November 23. The country observes it as a national holiday and rejoices in the harvest of the entire year.

The following days bring Black Friday and Cyber Monday that add to the series of celebrations. Now, let’s see how our travel is becoming more affordable with Thanksgiving and the subsequent Friday and Monday.

What is The Best Time for Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Bookings 2023?

The ideal booking window for Thanksgiving day travel is at the earliest possible. Since this is among the busiest times for traveling in the US, you must be early for reservations so grab great Thanksgiving flight deals.

To help you, here are some tips to find best time for the season’s reservations –

  • Go for 30-45 days advance bookings for your trips to avoid last-minute hassles. Moreover, you can also grab the best prices with advance bookings. The longer you wait, the pricier your flight tickets will get.
  • If you are not traveling far, book flights on Thanksgiving Day. As people rarely fly on that day, you can get a great flight deal and join your loved ones for dinner.

So if you are looking forward to booking with the best Thanksgiving flight travel offers, start now before the prices skyrocket.

Why are Flights Cheaper on Thanksgiving Day?

Flights tend to get cheaper on Thanksgiving as people avoid traveling on the holiday itself. Let’s find out “why”?

When you fly on Thanksgiving, there will be fewer crowds. Thereby, there are more chances for you to save money.

As the travel demand goes down on Thanksgiving Day, people research well and explore the options for the best flight fares.

Keep your travel dates flexible so that you can board a flight on this Thursday if you grab the lowest flight ticket prices.

How to Book Cheap Thanksgiving Flights?

If you are excited for Thanksgiving travel, here are tips to book cheap flights.

  • Go for an advance booking.
  • Select budget airlines for budget tickets.
  • Make reservations on weekdays as flight tickets are more expensive during the weekends.
  • Try OTAs for your flight ticket booking.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter of selected airlines to get regular updates on flight deals, offers, and discounts.
  • Purchase a one way flight ticket to your preferred destination. Later that weekend, book a return trip. Since Thanksgiving weekend has several Black Friday flight deals and Cyber Monday offers on airfare, it will make your trip much more affordable.
  • Compare the flight fares of major airlines with each other such as American Airlines, Delta,  Spirit, Southwest, and Frontier Airlines. Find which one has the most cost-effective options.

If you decide to fly with AA, contact the American Airlines customer service team for more information. Similarly, call the customer support representatives of Southwest, Delta, etc. to know more about their Thanksgiving discounts, offers, or deals.

Which Major Airlines Offer Thanksgiving Flight Deals?

Save more and travel more with help of great deals and huge discounts that various major airlines offer. Let’s take a look at some of these airlines –

What are the Best International Destinations for a Thanksgiving Trip 2023?

Want to fly to an international locale this holiday? Here are some of the most sought-after places that invite you for a reviving holiday trip –

  • London
  • Cancun
  • Mexico City
  • Paris
  • Tokyo
  • Bangkok
  • Barcelona
  • Dublin
  • Amsterdam
  • Hong Kong

What are The Top Domestic Destinations to Explore on Thanksgiving 2023?

Are you excited for Thanksgiving holiday travel this year?  Have you selected a domestic or an international destination but not sure if it will be the best for a Thanksgiving trip. Here are the best domestic destinations for your reference –

  • Atlanta
  • New York City
  • Orlando
  • Las Vegas
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Miami
  • Los Angeles
  • Denver
  • San Francisco
  • Dallas

Do Multi-City Bookings Offer Better Thanksgiving Deals?

Well, before hopping to answer this question, let’s consider the fact that  booking round trip flight tickets is cheaper. However, if you are traveling during Thanksgiving and are booking flight tickets, count on various travel offers that several airlines provide.

Now, let’s see if multi-city bookings are better on Thanksgiving or not.

  • For Thanksgiving, purchase one-way flight tickets and think of multi-city booking. For example, you can make a reservation from Las Vegas to Paris and proceed to Zurich.
  • Although you might think of traveling by train, the total cost of the entire trip will be more expensive. Simply booking from one city to another turns out to be more affordable.
  • Just select the option of multi-city while searching flight deals, compare with round trip costs, and you will be good to go.

So, skip round-trip booking on Thanksgiving and see how it turns out in the favor of your budget.

Which are the Best Days to Travel Around Thanksgiving Day?

Among the Thanksgiving travel tips, it is good to know the best days for your journey. So, here are the best days to fly around Thanksgiving. Moreover, it is noteworthy that –

  • These days are a result of the last 4 years’ analysis that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has provided.
  • The TSA has tracked the number of travelers who were screened everyday in the U.S. at its checkpoints.

So, go through the following table that lists the least crowded days to fly that range from the least-crowded to the maximum.

Lesser crowds mean cheapest fares. That’s why there are the best days to fly around Thanksgiving.

Pre-holiday Post-holiday
  • Saturday before
  • Wednesday after
  • Monday before
  • Black Friday
  • Thursday before
  • Tuesday after

In Conclusion

Therefore, when you are planning to fly during the Thanksgiving holiday season, count on the deals that can make your travel pocket-friendly. So you have more in your wallet to spend for the trip than on tickets.

Thanks to Thanksgiving holiday travel deals and discounts that various airlines offer. You can save more and use the money to fly more. Meet your loved ones, explore new destinations, and delight in the joy of the season.

What are you waiting for? The clock is ticking. Grab a Thanksgiving flight deal now!

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Thanksgiving Holiday Travel Deals – Fly Cheap, Save Big
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