How Can I Get Cheap Flights Around Christmas Time?

Delicious aroma fills the air, the homes sparkle, the air becomes crisp, and the ground turns white. Hey! It’s Christmas season. The time to celebrate and of course, join your loved ones. That’s why there are numerous Christmas flight deals facilitating travelers to fly for the festival.

You can hop on flights to be with your family or friends or travel with them to delight in the holiday. So, solemnize the birthday of Jesus Christ by exploring destinations across and delighting in the season’s cheer.

Now, let’s go through the account below to get cheap Christmas flight deals, fly at easily affordable fares, and have an unforgettable Christmas.

Does American Airlines Offer Christmas Flight Deals?

Yes, you can grab American Airlines flight deals for Christmas and enjoy a great trip with your favorite airline. So, if you are yet to book your flight tickets, count on the Christmas deals on AA flights.

The airline is offering round-trip flights at a huge discount! Bag a round-trip holiday deal on domestic flights that starts at $98 only!

As there are several non-stop flights available from the biggest cities of the country, chances are that this deal will be gone before you realize it.

The routes are to and from – Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, New York City, Seattle, Washington D.C., etc.

How to Find Cheap AA Christmas Flights?

  • Visit the AA website.
  • Go to the deals and vacations option.
  • Provide your travel details required.
  • A list of AA Christmas deals 2023 displays.
  • Select the deals and flights accordingly.
  • Enter your details to make a booking with the flight deal selected.
  • Pay the amount.

When is The Best Time to Fly Over Christmas?

To get the best of cheap Christmas flights in 2023, you must know the most suitable time of booking. Go through the following points to know more –

  • Christmas Day is the most expensive day to travel. However, it depends on the destination you are flying to.
  • Avoid travel dates – 24th to 28th December for cheaper flights.
  • For quiet travel days, avoid the Friday and Saturday just before Christmas as this is the busiest travel day. In 2023 these days fall on 22nd and 23rd December.
  • Booking at the last minute will also help you, as there are great Christmas deals to count on. If you can wait till the last moment to book your Christmas trip, pay only a fraction of the flight fare. As airlines want to fill their flight seats left vacant when taking off, you can bag much lower airfares.
  • For the best Christmas flight deals, purchase your tickets between the first week of October and the third week of November, or 1.5 months in advance.

How to Get Cheap Christmas Flights?

You can easily get your hands on the lowest possible airfares when you are planning to travel for Christmas. Here are some tips to follow for affordable flight trips around Christmas – 

Have flexible travel dates

Check the flight fare or low-fare calendar of the airlines chosen. Book your tickets for the day that offers the lowest flight fares.

Fly at odd hours

There are more chances to grab a great deal during the odd hours of traveling. You can find cheap flight tickets for Christmas early morning (5 AM to 7 AM), mid-day, or in the wee hours.

Set price alerts

Join or sign up with the selected airlines so that they notify you whenever their flight ticket prices drop. This helps you stay ahead with Christmas deals, discounts, promo codes, or any sale on flights and cut travel costs considerably.

Shop with different flight fare websites

Don’t book your tickets after your first search. Visit multiple websites, check flight fares on your travel dates to the destinations selected, and compare the prices. Once you are convinced that you have grabbed the best prices, then only purchase tickets.

Fly on the cheapest days

Travel on days when the flight tickets are the cheapest. Usually, Tuesdays are considered the cheapest weekdays for traveling. Moreover, you can book your trip with a Christmas flight sale on a cheap day to manifold your trip savings.

Book vacation packages

Book vacation packages to save big on your Christmas trip. With packages, you get flight booking, hotel accommodation, car rentals, etc. clubbed in one. Therefore, it reduces your trip costs significantly.

Look for alternate airports

During Christmas, it is wise to consider taking off from alternate airports. So, refrain from settling on a specific airport. Busier airports most probably offer higher flight fares. That’s why you must look for other airports for cheaper prices.

Please note

You can also get cheap flights through OTAs.

Where Can I Travel Worldwide on Christmas 2023?

If you want to visit your dream destination across continents, the Christmas season is the best time for it. Here are some of the top international destinations to visit for Christmas 2023 –

  • London
  • Paris
  • Mexico City
  • Vancouver
  • Dublin
  • Seoul
  • Madrid
  • Cancun

What are the Best US Domestic Places to Visit for Christmas 2023?

There are a plethora of destinations to explore during the festive season. Among them, here are the best places to visit for Christmas with your loved ones this year –

  • Miami
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Orlando
  • San Francisco
  • New York City
  • Honolulu
  • Denver

Can I Book Multi-City Flights to Get Christmas Flight Deals?

Before hopping to the answer, let’s understand this. It is a common notion that booking round-trip or multi-city flight tickets helps you cut travel expenses. But think it the other way round. When you are planning a trip around Christmas, book one-way flights and review the options of getting into multi-city booking.

Let’s understand this with an example. If you aim to fly on cheap flights during Christmas, one-way trips or breaking the journey turns out to be your best bets. Take off from Los Angeles and land in Paris (one-way). Take a train or bus to reach Barcelona from Paris. Isn’t it cheaper than booking tickets from Los Angeles to Barcelona?

So, don’t go for multi-city trips. Rather grab one-way tickets. This might also help you apply flight promo codes or discounts for each trip, which in totality will help you save more than booking a trip in one go.

Should I Fly On Christmas Eve or the Day?

Well, as contrary as it might sound, you can get cheap flights on Christmas Eve as well as on the festival day. However, you will like flying on Christmas Day if you don’t mind that a big part of the festival/holiday will be spent in the sky.

Since travelers’ crowds are lighter on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, you can expect cheaper fares during these days. On average, flights that take off on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day slash their rates by 26% than peak costs!

Wrapping Up

In a nutshell, you can easily grab exciting Christmas flight deals and fly at cheap rates. Simply follow the tips mentioned above, and you can travel at the lowest flight fares possible. You can also find amazing holiday packages, car rentals, etc., along with flight tickets, thanks to huge discounts, deals, and more that airlines offer.

These cheap flight deals also enable you to gift holidays to your loved ones. Buy tickets on a budget to their dream destination and surprise them. What’s better can you give your loved ones than fulfilling their vacation dream?

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for a great holiday. Book tickets on a cheap Christmas flight today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best day to fly around Christmas?

Monday or Tuesday before Christmas weekend and following the holiday, the returning midweek are the best days to travel around Christmas.

Are airline tickets cheaper on Christmas?

In various cases, airlines lower their prices on Christmas Day to encourage travelers to fly & avoid departing their flights with vacant seats. However, this might not always be the case.

Will flight prices go down for Christmas 2023?

During the peak holiday season, airlines tend to increase their prices. The closer departure date, the higher the flight fare. However, prices might drop on Christmas eve & day to fill in the vacant flight seats.

Do airlines have Christmas sales?

Yes, various airlines offer sales during Christmas, lowering their flight fares significantly. Thereby, more travelers book flights with sales.

Are flights more expensive in December?

Yes, since December is a peak holiday season, people prefer traveling more. The booking demand rises and so do the flight fares.

How Can I Get Cheap Flights Around Christmas Time?
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