How to Use American Airlines Ecredit?

American Airlines Ecredit

While traveling, flight delays, service disruptions, cancellations, or change in your travel plans is common. In such cases, do you worry about losing your ticket value? Not anymore with American Airlines. Since you get American Airlines Ecredit, you get your ticket value back to use for future trips.

Available as trip credits, flight credits, and travel vouchers, AA gives your ticket value to you through these ecredits. Since these are sent on an email usually, the name is ecredits. Thereby, you can use these to travel as per your convenience. Moreover, you can easily redeem your credits or voucher to book your trips with American Airlines.

To know the process to redeem these credits, go through the account that follows. It throws light on these credits and explains more about them.

What is an American Airlines Trip Credit?

With American Airlines you get trip credit for compensation and refunds. The credit is also meant for remaining value after redeeming a flight credit. Here are some points that will help you understand trip credits better –

  • Trip credit is valid for one year from the issue date.
  • Only the trip credit holder can redeem it. Since these are non-transferable, you can book trips for others.
  • AA doesn’t allow trip credits to be used for extra services such as bags or seats.
  • Trip credit is valid for non-award bookings.
  • Redeem trip credit for domestic or international flights originating in the U.S.
  • You can use 8 trip credits for up to 9 travelers for whom you have made an AA reservation. If you have to make a booking for more than 9 travelers, get in touch with the airline’s reservation team.

What is an American Airlines Flight Credit?

For unused or canceled bookings, American Airlines issues flight credit to its travelers. Go through the following points to know more about AA flight credit.

  • These credits can be redeemed only for flights.
  • You can’t get additional services (bags, seats, etc.) with this credit.
  • Validity of flight credit is one year from the date of issue unless specified otherwise.
  • AA allows booking with only one flight credit per traveler. If you need to book with more than one flight credit, get in touch with the Reservations team of AA.
  • The credit is valid for non-award travel.
  • Only the credit holder can redeem it to book trips for himself.

What is an American Airlines Travel Voucher?

Another travel credit that American Airlines offers is the travel voucher, which is issued as a paper voucher. Scroll down to know more about it –

  • AA allows you to redeem the travel voucher only for flights.
  • You can use up to 8 vouchers per reservation.
  • The validity of the voucher is one year from the issue date.
  • Only the travel voucher holder can use it for bookings for anyone.

How to Use American Airlines Trip Credit?

If you want to know how to use AA flight credit, go through the steps mentioned below:

  • Look for the 13-digit Trip Credit number in your wallet or email from American Airlines.
  • Visit the official American Airlines website.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Find suitable flights.
  • Go to the payment page.
  • Under the prompt – How would you like to pay for your trip, select trip credit.
  • Enter your 13-digit credit number and add it.
  • Complete the payment.

Please note

  • Travelers who don’t have enough credit to pay for the flight, can select a preferred payment mode to pay the remaining amount.
  • For tickets that are cheaper than  your trip credit value, American Airlines issues you the balance as a credit to use for trips coming up.

How Can I Redeem My American Airlines Flight Credit?

To redeem your flight credit with American Airlines, follow the steps mentioned below –

  • Find your 13-digit Flight Credit in your email that AA has sent or in your wallet.
  • Visit the official AA website.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Search and book a suitable itinerary.
  • Proceed to payment.
  • Choose from the option to add Trip or Flight Credit.
  • Select Flight Credit.
  •  Enter your flight credit number. Repeat if you want to add more.
  • Add the credit.

Please note

  • The airline requires you to pay the fare difference if your booking is more than the flight credit value. Use your American Airlines accepted credit card for the balance payment.
  • If the ticket price is less than your flight credit, AA will reissue the balance as a trip credit.

​​Where can I Find My Trip Credit or Flight Credit Balance?

To find your American Airlines Ecredit balance, check your email sent by AA. It comprises information about your trip and flight credits. Once you find it, go through it for the balance you have. Alternatively, AAdvantage members can log in to their account and click on the Wallet option to check their credits. Those having active credits will find those listed.

Can You Switch American Airlines Flights For Free?

Yes, you can switch your AA flights without paying a change fee and get a travel credit if the new booking is cheaper than the original one. However, this is applicable-

  •  If you book an unrestricted fare ticket.
  • On seat availability

In Conclusion

Therefore, redeem your American Airlines Ecredit easily when you have to book your flight trips. However, make sure that you are through with the guidelines and process of these credits and vouchers to use those in the best way and to your maximum benefit.

Now, check your trip/flight credits or travel voucher that AA has given. Make sure that these are pretty much within the validity period. And if you have a trip on your cards, use these to make your reservation today!

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