How to Redeem Miles with American Airlines AAdvantage Program?

American Airlines AAdvantage Program

Redeem Miles Easily with The American Airlines AAdvantage Program

If you have been taking frequent flight trips with American Airlines, you might be its frequent flyer program member. No wonder, you have earned enough miles and can redeem those for future AA award trips. So, discover the American Airlines AAdvantage Program status perks to know that you are in for a treat with it.

Know that when you fly more, the increased chances are to earn bonus miles, upgrades, airport privileges, and much more. Moreover, you grab the Loyalty Point thresholds required when you qualify for AAdvantage® status.

All you have to do is earn Loyalty Points every time you travel with American Airlines. For purchases, use an AAdvantage® credit card. You can alternatively earn eligible miles with AAdvantage® partners. All of this is in the new AAdvantage® program. Now, go through the account that follows and learn more about AAdvantage and redeeming miles with it.

What Are AAdvantage Miles?

With the American Airlines Advantage Program, you earn miles. These miles are the award currency for members of the AA frequent flyer program. You can plan to redeem your AAdvantage miles when you travel with AA and its partner airlines frequently and use an American Airlines credit card.

When you are looking up for your miles redemption, understand the award chart of the airline. Since its award pricing is dynamic, you have to keep an eye on it closely.

How to Redeem American Airlines AAdvantage Program Miles?

You can easily redeem your miles for award flights earned with the AAdvantage program. Let’s see how to do it.

Go to the AA Website

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines.
  • Log in to your AAdvantage loyalty account.
  • Find the flights available.
  • To view AAdvantage program award flight options of American Airlines, check the Redeem miles box.

Review Award Flight Options

  • Review all the options of award flights and other details such as –
    • Ticket type
    • Travel time
    • Pricing
    • Airport information
    • Layover
    • Number of miles
    • Total fees
  • If required, filter your choices or check award fares in the month.
  • Select a suitable flight.
  • Click the Continue button to confirm passenger details.
  • Select seats.
  • Proceed to make payment.

Please note

Pay fees and taxes, even though you are booking with miles.

To know more, contact the American Airlines AAdvantage program phone number 800-433-7300.

Where Can I Use My AA Miles?

If you are an American Airlines frequent flyer, let’s see where you can put your miles to the best use and make your trip more worthwhile.

Use of Miles  



You can explore almost 1,000 destinations across the continents on American Airlines, oneworld® airlines, and partner airlines with your miles. 


Get upgraded to the next travel class on flights of American, British Airways, and Iberia for a more enjoyable journey. 

Admirals Club®

You can also redeem your miles to purchase or renew your membership of Admirals Club®. 

Main Cabin seats

Once you have made a successful booking, choose your favorite seats in the Main Cabin. 

Luxury experiences

Delight in exclusive services such as getting escorts for your loved ones at select airports.

Enjoy Mastercard Priceless® experiences for music, cuisine, sports, and much more. 

Holidays, hotels, and cars

When you have enough miles in your account, use those to plan a holiday, book a hotel stay, and go for a car rental. There are more than 500 destinations to choose from! 


Why is AAdvantage the Best Travel Rewards Program?

As the American Airlines AAdvantage Program adds life to your trips, it is considered the best program for travel rewards. To know more, take a quick look at the points below –

  • American Airlines AAdvantage® program is free to join. It helps you earn rewards earlier and more frequently.
  • You earn miles as an AAdvantage® program member when you travel on:
    • American
    • Oneworld®
    • Other participating airlines
    • More than 1000 partners

Thereafter, you can use your miles for –

  • Getting upgrades
  • Flights to 1,100 (approx.) global destinations
  • Vacations, hotels, and car rentals
  • Other retail products

How to Maximize the Value of My American Airlines Miles?

Do you want to grab more from your miles? Here’s how you can do it.

  • Easily get the best of your miles with award flight redemptions. Redeem your AAdvantage miles for an award ticket to increase their value.
  • Make sure to check the AA calendar for pocket-friendly dates of award flights. This is helpful in finding travel dates with the cheapest redemption options.
  • With flexible travel dates, you can use fewer miles to redeem your award flight.

Have you missed your American Airlines frequent flyer number and want to retrieve it? Simply provide your name and email. And AA will send your AAdvantage number.

In Conclusion

Simply put, you can easily redeem your miles earned with American Airlines flights. Since the process is easy and quick, you can proceed smoothly. Moreover, you have choices when it comes to redemption of your miles with AAdvantage. So, what is your next travel plan? Go through the options carefully and redeem your miles accordingly. This will help you snake the most and the best of your miles. Thanks to the American Airlines AAdvantage Program, that credits you miles with your trips, and you use those for an enhanced trip experience.

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How to Redeem Miles with American Airlines AAdvantage Program?
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